Princess Louise Falls is one of Ottawa’s best hidden gems. It offers a unique location and endless possibilities for incredible engagement photos!  One would think that a location like this would lay deep in rural wooded areas, but in fact, it is just meters from St-Joseph road in Orleans.   That’s pretty awesome for us as we live just a few km from there.

Princess Louise Falls does pose a few challenges for some couples.  Although it is not a long trek from civilization, it does have only 2 entries to access it and the inclines that lead up to it are quite steep.  Needless to say, proper footwear is recommended to get there, so make sure to carry your fancy footwear in a bag and change into them once you get there.  It can sometimes be a bit muddy.

The location itself is quite condensed.  There isn’t much room for couples to move around unless they are adventurous and you are limited by a division of water between both sides of the area so you can either pick a side, or go all the way around to get photos on the other, HOWEVER,  do yourself a favour and embrace all of this.  I mention these things not to deter you, rather to let you know so you can be ready.  If you are not pressed for time, there are so many options and vantage points to get some incredible and unique photos.  As photographers, we thrive on situations like these and with the right couple, it makes the entire process so much fun.  If you are as adventurous as Sierra & Spencer were, you’ll have a great time no doubt!  These two laughed the entire time and embraced every minute that we were there.  It’s always great to see the natural progression our couples make from the uncomfortable initial phase to just letting themselves go.  That’s when the magic happens and their true emotions come out in their photos.

The next time we see Sierra & Spencer will be at their wedding next September at the beautiful Strathmere Estate!  As with all of our weddings, we can’t wait!