Joel & Jess

Ottawa Wedding Photographers

Blending Joel’s architectural, moody, photo-journalistic style with Jess’ tender, authentic, emotive, imagery, we make the most deliciously sweet and savoury photographic experience of your lives that reflects both of your styles and personalities. After all, your wedding is about YOU & HIM or YOU & HER and we can help you celebrate that real partnership by delivering stunning imagery that is so much MORE than just pretty pictures.

We offer:
Twice the fun,
Twice the beauty,
Twice the ability to capture the two of you coming together in partnership and love,
We deliver expertise & approachability,
Professionalism & care, to clients who don’t want to regret a decision this important.

Together, we help modern brides and grooms have a relaxed & exceptionally fun wedding while we quietly capture split second emotions you never want to forget AND craft timeless, utterly compelling, magazine worthy, portraits that will make your friends mad with jealousy. As a couple ourselves, we know how important connections are. That’s why we invite all our clients to join us for a consultation at our home for a chance to get comfortable, share stories and get to know each other so you’ll know exactly who you are hiring.  By the time we shoot your wedding, we’ll feel like old friends. No more rotating door of awkward coffee shop photographer interviews – we give you more of our time, energy and heart so we can blow your socks off right from the beginning!


Photography has been such a great creative outlet for me.  It gives me the opportunity to express myself through the stories I tell while photographing some fascinating people and events. It’s also a form of expression that brings so much comfort in my life and balances things out just right. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I get to share this adventure with Jess. It is an incredible feeling to work with the person you love, doing what you love and having the responsibility of documenting the moments that are so important in others lives.

On a personal level, I am a big softy and father to two amazing daughters.  I like to play hockey regularly and try to stay fit by eating well and putting some time in the gym.  Ask me how that’s going lately.  :).  I also enjoy spending time with Jess as we go camping, travel and snuggle on the couch watching our latest binge series.   There is no supplement for quality time with family and friends and I make sure to incorporate both regularly.

I would love to get together and talk about your day, your vision and discuss how working with us will result in some of the most beautiful photos you’ll ever have.



I truly believe I have one of the best jobs imaginable! I get to combine my love of weddings and helping people into one awesome job! Being a wedding photographer in Ottawa also allows me to spend every weekend photographing with my hunny, how fun is that?   The planning process is something you never have to be shy to ask me about, I am pretty sure I was a wedding planner in a past life, I am here for you! A little about me, born and raised in Ottawa, I am a daddy’s girl, a Taurus and love my friends and family so much! Summers I am on a patio watching the world go by and winter I am hiding with Netflix and red wine. I am a simple girl with a big heart and value every person that comes into my life.