Auberge des Gallant was a perfect backdrop for Kaila & Ivan’s late autumn outdoor wedding.  When we pulled up to the parking lot our jaws dropped at the stunning scenery and rustic feel of the Auberge.

The Auberge des Gallant is more than a wedding venue and destination for a weekend getaway, it is also a working sugar bush.  What more could a couple of  maple syrup lovers ask for.   Kaila and Ivan choose to have their outdoor wedding at the Pavilion des Gallant which is a beautiful log building that doubles as the sugar shack nestled in the secluded wooded area of the property.  With inclement weather abound, it held out just enough to have the ceremony outside amongst the turning leaves and setting sun.   But first, our lovely couple chose to have a first look which enabled us to have ample time for photos.    A rustic old barn set the scene for them to first set eyes on one another.  It helped that Kaila had no fear about getting her dress a little dirty, we had a lot of fun exploring the property for their photos and by the time we were done, she had mud 6 inches up her dress!

Their day was filled with joy, love and so much excitement!   We’re suckers for intimate weddings and as a result, this one quickly became one of our top 5 favorites.  It was incredible how easy Kaila and Ivan were to work with and not only does this make our day much more pleasant, it results in some of the best photos for our couples.  With not a care in the world, they let us do what we wanted and it was pure magic!  Everything from the beautiful backdrop to each of the vendors we had the pleasure of working with made this wedding one of a kind and we can not wait to go back for a little weekend away.

Our good friends Matt & Kat captured video of the day beautifully.  It was a treat to be able to spend the day with them as well.  If you are looking for a great videography team, we highly recommend them.

If you are looking for a simple out of town outdoor wedding,  make sure to check out Auberge des Gallant, you will truly not be disappointed.