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Guest post by: Lisa Kelly of Salt and Light Studio


She told me she cried. The first time she read my words and watched my films, they connected – to her heart, to something deep inside she couldn’t yet name. She heard a whisper of something true and recognized it immediately. This was what she needed. Whatever this was…whatever it required…she wanted this….needed this… She felt it calling to her and so she reached out.”


It was nearly a year ago when I sat in the chic, modern living room at Joel & Jess’ house.

Surrounded by their stylish and comfortable belongings, made to feel welcomed by their good humour and easy kindness; Joel Legault and Jessica Irvine decided they were ready to take their burgeoning business to the next level and wanted my help.

As two of best Ottawa Wedding Photographers, Joel and Jess Photography are well known for their relaxed warmth, prestigious work and friendly professionalism. And yet….in quiet moments of reflection, something still felt a little off to them.

As a Brand Coach and content creator, I help creative entrepreneurs understand their brand identity, express their purpose and connect with their kindred clients by harnessing the power of emotive brand films to set them apart in a saturated industry. With these goals in mind, the three of us worked together to explore the foundation of their business, their vision, their greatest strengths, their highest values and what they uniquely wanted to offer their clients beyond simply, the gorgeous images they were already known for.

With bravery and intention, this real life couple discovered they had so much more they wanted to give their kindred clients More Time, both behind and in front of the camera. More opportunities to build trust and connection with home consultations over beverages of choice. More individualized attention and responsiveness so that clients feel supported and looped in throughout the wedding process, minimizing stress for what should be a joyful and fun filled event.

They dug into the unique power they have as a wedding photography DUO, able to focus more on the bride and groom as individuals coming together in love. In the same way they could take their own unique strengths and styles of photography – Joel’s deep, moody cinematic imagery and Jess’s connected, emotional portraiture – and combine them to create something greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Encouraging each other into greater mastery and growth, trusting each other to bring their own incredible skills and talents to the table, bringing out the best in each other and delivering kindred clients the incredible value of two complimentary perspectives of their wedding day, Joel & Jess have a partnership that inspires.


Just like You & Your Love:

Joel & Jess Photography

are so much more together


Enjoy this small peek into the love and life of Joel & Jess Photography. May it encourage you to seek the MORE in your own life.



Credits and Acknowledgements: 

Art Direction, Videography and Styling – Salt and Light Studio

Hair Artistry – Angeline Sykes for Showpony Hair 

MUA – One Fine Beauty 

Bridal Attire – Revelle Bridal 

Original Score written and performed by – Kimberley Dunn 

Models – Sopheap and Tosh Whittaker

Assistant Videographer – Andrew Ross 

About the author:
salt and light studio Elisabeth (Lisa) Kelly is an encourager, entrepreneur, creative and lover of apple pie, KD and dill pickle dip (nom…nom…nom). With two decades of experience as a Professional Photographer, she knows all about the struggle to stand out in a creative industry. Combining her experience with her ability to see the heart of the matter, she walks alongside her kindred clients as they explore their purposes, core values and most importantly, what they uniquely offer in the market they serve through 1-1 Brand Coaching. Using this deeper understanding, Lisa and her team create Emotive Brand Films to help clarify, communicate and connect you with your ideal clients in a way that resonates and has real impact so you can live the life you are called to. To learn more connect with Lisa here:
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