We’ve had the luxury of working with amazing people, year after year and it’s always an honour to be trusted with that responsibility.  Delivering a client gallery is probably one of the most rewarding things we’ve experienced.  It’s only compounded when our clients write back to let us know how happy they are.

We know that choosing a wedding photographer is no easy task and we hope that the kind words from just a few of our happy clients will bring some reassurance and make your decision that much easier.


Gillian & James

“Before our wedding day, I was warned how quickly it all goes by and it couldn’t have been more true – all of the planning and celebration was over in a flash.

J&J quite simply are an incredible team. A loving couple (soon to be married themselves!), these two have a knowing eye for capturing those fleeting memories and moments of the wedding day you wish you could hold on to forever, like your dad wiping away a silent tear, or your best friend throwing her head back in laughter, or that nervous giggle the bride has before walking down the aisle. Our pictures truly tell the story of our day. Their photography style is downright COOL, and their presence on our day was calming and comfortable, making it so fun to be in front of their cameras. Although some of our favourite shots are those where we were blissfully unaware of a camera being on us at all – candid magic!

Heartfelt thanks to you, Joel & Jess, for the energy you brought to our day and your fantastic work. You are both truly talented and I am so happy we found a wedding photographer in Ottawa as we were planning all the way from Vancouver!  xo”

Andrea & Pat

“I don’t even know where to start… Joel & Jess are absolutely incredible….not only as people, but as photographers. I met them when I attended the wed cycle wedding show, and knew right away they were nice and easy going people. I convinced my fiancé that we should meet them and he agreed. We met for a coffee at a local coffee shop and got to chat and get to know each other, we could tell that our personalities clicked! My fiancé was 100% against doing engagement photos as he finds them awkward and pointless, after some convincing he agreed that we could do some engagement photos with Joel and Jess. They made us feel comfortable, at ease and natural. We were blown away with our engagement photos, and their artistic style! We used a picture on our save the dates and people complimented how lovely our photos were…. Now to the big day! A few days before our wedding I realized it was most likely going to rain…. As any bride, I think at least, I started to panic a bit. Jess offered that her and Joel attend our venue on the evening of our rehearsal to scope out areas for pictures in case it rained. I couldn’t haven’t been more thankful for this kind gesture! Guess what… It rained pretty much our entire wedding day…. But Joel and Jess captured AMAZING photos! We didn’t expect any less, but they left us breathless with the photos they captured and how timely they got our photos back to us ( I hate waiting 🙂 ) it’s hard to even put in words how amazing this duo is, they have an eye for photography and they are really great at candid and natural photos ( you can also do silly ones too)! I wanted to thank both Joel and Jess for capturing amazing memories of our most favourite day ever! Xoxo thanks guys!

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Jessica & Cole

To say that Joel & Jess are are amazing is an understatement! These two go above and beyond what is expected of photographers. We had the pleasure of Joel and Jess capturing our love on October 22, 2016.
It started at the Bridal Palace show and when we met I instantly noticed how laid-back and easy going they were, which is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted someone who could make us laugh and feel completely comfortable as we would be sharing our most special day with them. It was really appreciated when they wanted to sit down over coffee and chat about not only our plans for the wedding but our interests, how we met and our story. After coffee, we felt like we had been friends for years rather than customers for merely an hour.
Our nerves at the engagement shoot were immediately put to rest when our goofy sides were allowed to let loose! They encouraged us to laugh and act silly which was a huge stress reliever and enabled them to capture our true personalities.
They were very helpful and easy to communicate during the planning stages and leading up to the big day, offering to help in any way they could! AND they can even transition to taxi drivers should your limo cancel minutes before arrival!
Joel and Jess captured the moments that made my heart skip two beats, that were taken when I thought no one was looking and that truly tell not only a story of the day but our love story. Their passion for capturing those special moments is exceptional.
Needless to say, I would recommend Joel and Jess to everyone!

Sophia & Tosh

“We are so proud of the work that Joel & Jess did for us for our wedding day. We couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing professionalism as well as the patience and phenomenal eye they have through that lens. Our pictures are absolutely stunning and I couldn’t think of a better photography duo to have spent the day with. Our family and guests still rave about the photos and the special moments they captured. They got photos of everything we wouldn’t think of. Thank you from my wife and I for being a huge part of our big day. We are so happy to call them friends.”

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Brittany & Kevin

“Words cannot express how grateful my husband and I are to Joel and Jess for what they captured on our wedding day. I have had the privilege of knowing the two of them personally, so when it came time to find a photographer for our wedding, it was a no brainer. We had never had professional photos done, and we were both pretty nervous for our engagement session. All of that was gone within the first minute! Joel and Jess have this inherent ability to put you at ease and make you laugh! When the wedding day came, we hardly noticed they were even there! They took such stunning photographs (and captured a few funny moments)! We are so incredibly lucky to be able to look back twenty years from now and see all these wonderfully special moments, including my fist pump when our officiant whispered to us that we were now officially married, great shots of our group dance on the dance floor, and this beautiful private moment when I was fixing my husband’s tie while we thought they were scoping out our next spot to shoot!! I just can’t sing their praises enough. These photographs will eventuallybe all we have to recall this special day, and I would not have trusted anyone else to capture it so perfectly. Thank you SO much Joel and Jess!!!

Lindsay & Cody

“Joel and Jess are nothing short of amazing. We got married on October 1st of this year and were beyond happy with the entire photography process. Joel and Jess were flexible in meeting our needs and were open to suggestions and provided guidance whenever we needed it. They were easy to communicate with and regularly touched base to make sure we were doing ok in our wedding planning process and even offered to help out with anything else we needed! These two are the best. On our wedding day, they showed up on time and easily integrated into the pre-wedding celebrations. They captured the ceremony and reception beautifully – they were professional, discreet and honoured our schedule to a T. They even stayed later than we had booked them for to photograph the bouquet toss! I can’t say enough about how impressed we are with Joel and Jess. We would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking for amazing photography on their big day.”

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Danielle & Ben

“We absolutely enjoyed every minute we spent with Joel and Jess for our engagement and wedding photographs. The dynamic between the two of them is very refreshing and it felt as though we were working with old friends. They were able to catch even the little moments that we didn’t even notice. Thanks to Joel and Jess for helping us capture one of the most amazing days! We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding photographer in Ottawa to provide fantastic photos!”

Sandra & Evan

“Joel and Jess provided great service to us in both the lead up and during our wedding day. We knew immediately we wanted to book with them because they were so easy to get along with. They made our wedding day fun and stress free and they were able to capture so many amazing moments. I loved being able to see so many great moments from the wedding that I wasn’t able to be a part of. Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day and providing so many great memories!”